#26 Black & White 10 Photo Challenge

I was inspired to create this post after seeing recent posts on Facebook, challenging people to post 10 black & white photos in 10 days with no words, people or animals. But those who know me well, also know that I subscribe the the theory of why use 10 words when 50 will do, and being a tad impatient, I am putting all my pics up in one go.

So my ultimate aim was to embrace the ethos of the challenge whilst channelling my inner rebel, so I have put my own spin on it. Therefore there will be words … but just a few, and perhaps some animals & people in there.

I ermmm may also have broken the 10 pic rule, but you know … rules are made to be broken. So I hope you enjoy, and perhaps take on the challenge yourself, on Instagram, Facebook or your Blog page if you have one.

Love from Nelly x


H Larnaca Nov17


Fishing Boats


Parrot Lady Larnaca Nov17


Karpaz Peninsula


Karpaz Donkey


Ayia Thekla Beach in November


Sunset in the Karpaz


For all the young people out there, this is a JUKE BOX, it plays RECORDS!


You are never too old to chase pigeons! St Lazarus, Larnaca




Love getting Notes from H, this is an old one from when we lived in the UK, it popped up on time-hop today


Camper Van Envy


Brain Food Breakfast, Pilchard anyone?


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