#25 What I love about Cyprus in Autumn-Winter

Hi all, how the devil are you? So you have probably forgotten who I am, or that I even write a blog, I almost did myself for a while there, its been far too long! The mind has been willing but the body has been …. well quite frankly, a bit lazy. Due to a combination of illness, working like a crazy thing over Summer, entertaining visitors, and of course looking after a constantly growing 12 year old son (which I could not have managed this last few months without the help of my my wonderful mum, fantastic partner and bestest Aunty ever), in the words of Arnold Swarzenegger “I AM BACK!” (Or words to that effect).

I am breaking myself back into blogging gently (“siga siga” / “slowly slowly” as they say here in Cyprus), with 5 reasons to love my adopted country, in the Autumn/Winter months, so here goes :-

1. WINTER WOOLLIES – After a long hot Summer, I adore the return of some of my favourite things which I took for granted in the UK, including but not limited to – pyjamas, quilts, socks, leggings, jumpers, blankets to wrap up in on the sofa, and all things fluffy and warm. Of course by March my favourite things will be bikinis, sea, sand and everything summery, but it’s a girls prerogative to change her mind!

Blog woolies

2. THE WEATHER – Sunny and warm in the daytime (I actually wore my bikini last week at the beach!) but chilly and cosy at night, perfect for snuggles with my boys, movie nights, and games of trivial pursuit / scrabble (and you thought my life was all rock and roll!). We are all looking forward to the first snow on Troodos, to venture up with flasks of hot chocolate, boots, gloves and hats, ready to build our first snowman of the year.

Blog snow

3. RAIN – Yes yes, I know number 2 was weather, but I definitely think that rain deserves its own place on this list. The saying “it never rains but it pours” is definitive of Winter rain in Cyprus, the heavens quite literally open and rivers of the wet stuff overflow everywhere. My boys favourite thing to do is jump in the pool with the first rain after Summer whilst I watch fondly from the window, in my PJs – nice and toasty warm thank you very much! None of that nonsense for me, but we do get fantastic storms and lots of rainbows around this time of year.

blog rainbow.jpg

3. FLAMINGOS – I love, love, love these fabulously flamboyant long-legged pink birds, and they returned to the Salt Lakes of Cyprus last week. Every day I drive past the salt lake near our village, and look out for the flamingos, the pleasure of seeing them never diminishes. Everyone in Cyprus knows when they have returned as Facebook and Instagram are flooded with photos. It seems most of the population of Cyprus has a little space in their heart for the flamingos – as demonstrated by this great photo I found on Facebook, photographer not named.

blog flamingo

4.  STRAIGHT HAIR / BLOW DRIES – Oh the joy of having ones long flowing locks, actually down and flowing, rather than scraped up in a messy bun to avoid the trickles of sweat that permanently reside on ones neck through the summer. For women (or men?) like myself whose hair resembles Hagrid or Crystal Tipps in the humidity of a Cyprus Summer, I feel like one of the models from a Loreal advert (in hair only, not looks lol), when I have my first blow dry after Summer – because I’m worth it?! Across Cyprus, similarly follicly challenged women are wandering around, swishing their lovely shiny hair. Note to self – take more swishy hair photos so can post pics on blog & admire them when I am old and even more grey than already am!

blog loreal

5. HALLOWEEN & BONFIRE NIGHT – I loved this time of year in the UK, and I did not expect the Cypriots to embrace the Halloween spirit, but they absolutely do. Every shop has outfits and accessories galore to choose from, H this year though decided he wanted to make his own. So with the help of my mum who took him shopping, and our lovely friend O who made his mask, he was chuffed to bits and pieces by the result – I think he was definitely the coolest Spider-Man in town. And due to the abundance of opportunities to wear the outfit, it was money well spent. On bonfire night we attended the obligatory firework display at our local army base but open to all. The fireworks were as impressive as ever, the kids were enthralled, and the grown ups took the chance to meet up with friends, have a couple of beers and be transported back to bonfire nights of our youth, with sparklers, bonfire toffee, and the Oohs and Aahs as the sky lit up a myriad of colours.

bog spiderman

So – a bit of randomness for my first blog post in a while, the five best things that popped into my head earlier today 🙂

Chat soon, have a great week

Love Nelly x

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