#24 Look How Far We’ve Come My Baby!

This week was mine and Niffa’s 10th anniversary. Who would have thunk it … we keep saying to one another! Ten long long years ago, 1 slightly nutty Nelly met one sad single man (my words not his!), and amazingly we are still together – stronger than ever – very much in love (when not bickering) – and quite bloody smug about it … thank you very much! And to those friends who told me he would have got less for murder … blah blah blah I say.


At a wedding on 31st May – our actual anniversary – perfect photo opportunity!

I won’t waffle about the details as those people close to our hearts know our story, but in short Niffa met me when I was pretty vulnerable and quite certifiably bonkers (he would say nothing has changed), almost a year after the breakdown of my marriage which had left me devastated. I was bringing up my 18 month old baby H by myself (with very limited input from his dad), although supported by my amazing mum, friends and family, and working full time to pay the mortgage and bills. Niffa had to chat me up twice before I agreed to go out for dinner, and we “dated” twice a week for a couple of years before we ever even talked about living together, but we had a ball along the way and still are doing so now. He put my heart back together, he makes me laugh, he takes me special places (don’t be rude – I mean travelling!), he often makes me mad (I never said he was perfect), he is a wonderful step-dad to H, and I love him dearly for that.

Through a strange year where I have found myself in a near permanent state of exhaustion, with bouts of depression, anxiety, weight gain, and aches and pains in places I never knew existed, Niffa has been my rock. He has unerringly stood firm when I have spent days either sleeping, crying or shouting at people – loving and supporting me. Don’t get me wrong, the above has been interspersed with fantastic, energetic, sunny, happy days – when I am the old/real me! But it’s been a real tough year, dealing with the above, setting up 2 new businesses (because 1 just wouldn’t have been enough right?!), and H starting high school and becoming a teenager almost overnight although he’s still only 12 and a half!


Then and now …. actually the sad face was put on for the camera …. but the note was all his own work 😂

I put my troubles and tiredness this past year down to a busy lifestyle, and possible early menopause (I diagnosed myself from google – incorrectly as it turns out!), too much exercise (aches), too little exercise (weight gain), stress (depression) etc. And of course being a Northern lass I don’t need to see a doctor or take pills, and sleep is for wimps! I was though starting to bore myself, never mind Niffa, with my grumbles. So after eventually finding a great GP, and having numerous blood tests, last week I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism – an underactive thyroid gland. I then needed an ultrasound to check for any signs of strange shaped nodules (dr code for cancer) but luckily there were none. I am now on tablets to correct my thyroid hormone levels (am expecting to wake up in the next few weeks a size zero super-model with tons of energy and never needing to diet again!), and am now also being tested for Hashimotos Disease (an autoimmune thingymabob not a sushi dish!). So it’s an ongoing process of diagnosis and treatment, but finally there’s an explanation for why I’ve been feeling so bloody terrible, which is a relief in itself. The doc made me laugh, telling me that 20 years ago I would have been put in a mental hospital because they did not know then how much hormone deficiencies affect the mind as much as the body – so thank god for advances in science, I could’ve ended up in the bottom block! Now I’ve just got to fight this thing, get the treatment I need, and get this Nelly back on track!


Niffa has held my hand through it all, and promised to love me for at least another ten years. He’s still on probation though as far as I’m concerned, but baby …. look how far we have come together! Through the bad times as well as the good, I love you all the world.

We celebrated earlier this year with a Far East cruise, where we skipped, cruised, ate and drank our way through Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore.



So this week due to my health, and the fact that wedding season has gone crazy busy – 6 weddings in 4 days this week, we haven’t celebrated yet, but plan to do so today with my mum and H. A day trip to Ayia Napa is planned, beach, water sports, crazy shark, funfair, probably burgers at Hard Rock Cafe, maybe a cocktail or two, and bed. A perfect family day out. What better way to  mark our ten year anniversary than with two of the most important people in our lives.


Lets hope I can stay awake long enough to enjoy our day out!

love from Nelly x



2 thoughts on “#24 Look How Far We’ve Come My Baby!

  1. Deanna says:

    Oh bless you sweetheart. I admire you so much and love you guys heaps. Have a truly wonderful time together and see you soon when I return. Stay safe and healthy xx


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