#23 My 3rd Easter in Cyprus

Gosh … Easter seems almost a distant memory as we moved seamlessly into May, with the advent of warmer weather, and beach days.  I am dreaming of the long lazy Summer days, and hazy Summer nights, when the beach days slide effortlessly into balmy beach nights, and I fall into bed at night, limbs warmed by the sun, smelling the sea in my hair and the salt on my skin.

Until then though, the changeable weather reminds me that we are just at the tail end of Spring, it has been a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend, but Easter itself was very mixed. I just uploaded April’s photographs and it’s hard to believe that just over 2 weeks ago, I was in Larnaca with my boys for the Good Friday Parade, and we were wrapped up in coats and scarves! This evening I wandered home from Pilates (Oh yes … My annual “Operation Beach Body” is back on!) in just my gym gear, and it was very warm, although apparently we are due thunderstorms again tomorrow.

Anyway, I digress! Easter! A couple of years ago I made the mistake of trying to have a “big girls” night out, and failing miserable (see post #22), so this year it has been all about family and friends, BBQ’s and kebabs, long walks, and lucky days on the beach. On Good Friday we visited St Lazarus Church in Larnaca, and joined the queues of people to take a look inside at the beautiful flowers, and I lit a couple of candles, one for my Nanna, and one for Niffa’s dad, took a few photos (the girl scouts said it was allowed!), but drew the line at kissing the tabernacle, as everyone was doing it without wiping afterwards – eww! Also not being Orthodox or Catholic, so I just kind of shuffled past that bit but it was very atmospheric. It was a very kebaby type weekend, as we then headed off to Mr Kebab – for a kebab, sadly not the best kebab I ever had if I am honest although it looked great (see photo below), whilst the church service took place. Then we stayed to watch the band, and hundreds of people walk past after the service, following the tabernacle as it was paraded around the streets of the town.  Then we headed off home for an early night.

The next day we were invited up the hill at the back of our house to meet some friends for a BBQ – and yes, kebabs were on the menu! It was just a funny, chilled out day, the kids played on the park, with fire, with wild animals (well – a skink!) and in the mud – barely an electronic device in sight which was a huge novelty for H. We chatted, laughed, had a few beers, and the boys did the cooking – well, us ladies had of course already done the shopping and prepped the salads, and packed everything, but we let the boys have their glory. Niffa who has managed to dodge any form of BBQ-ing for 2 years now, has recently begun to step up to his manly duties, and he played with G at starting the coals, and poking at the food with a stick – very caveman like!

Full as buckets and tired from all the fresh air, we managed to just pack up and dodge the rainstorm which swept in suddenly but not entirely unexpectedly. We left the Cypriot families to their Easter Saturday late night celebrations (bonfires, firecrackers, red eggs and celebratory soup), and headed home for a movie, cuddles on the sofa, and an early night. Easter Sunday was a typically lazy family affair, chocolate for breakfast and lunch, and unusually for us since moving to Cyprus, a roast dinner with all the trimmings. I suddenly had an attack of mum guilt for not cooking a nutritious meal for the boys for several days, so I played at being a domestic goddess for a couple of hours. That was followed by another chilled out evening – I must be getting old! – and a relatively early night was had by all, so we were up early bright eyed and bushy tailed – ready for the beach on Easter Monday. We headed over to Konnos Bay, which boasts a gorgeous sandy beach with plenty of rocky areas in the sea which are great for snorkelling, met up with some friends, and generally lazed around for most of the day. The boys went in the sea as did I! Only briefly though, and I was on a paddleboard – well, until I fell in – but it was my first time in the sea this year, and un-seasonally early for me. A quick stop-off on the way home to take some photos at the Sea Caves at Cape Greco, and Ayia Thekla, and back to base camp.

Happy Easter? Absolutely it was.

Love from Nelly x

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