#21 Tired but Happy

It’s been 9 days since my grumpy Tuesday post because I have been too busy having FUN! As a result I am now SHATTERED and got a ton of work to catch up on … but I’m a very HAPPY Nelly just now. One of my oldest, very gorgeous friends from the UK – whom I shall refer to only as Mrs Trunchbull – has been over for a visit, and it has literally lifted my soul. I have not laughed, or talked, or even cried (yes it’s been emotional too), so much in ages, probably since I saw her last.  We managed to escape the boys for 2 nights to have some real girly time away. Big up to my boys for looking after each other, and only ringing me around 27 times on the first day !! But seriously boys, I love you both, thank you.

I’m too tired for a long post, and I can’t share all our shenanigans on Social Media as she is an assistant head teacher so I can’t have the year 9’s blackmailing her with videos of terrible karaoke singing in some dodgy bar in Napa. However I can share some of the photos taken over the last few days on my iPad, and there will more to follow when I have downloaded the camera pics.

love from Nelly x

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