#19 Me & My Camera (and yes I know it should say My Camera and I!)

As a keen amateur (in the  very loosest sense of the word) photographer, I rarely leave home without my compact little old faithful Samsung camera as it fits neatly into my handbag. My friends are used to me whipping it out and shouting “SMILE” at the least opportune moments – and I am convinced they secretly love it!


So for Christmas my good fella bought me a “bridge” camera – oooh you may ask, what is that? Unless of course you are actually a way better amateur photographer than I and are actually laughing at me just now. It is apparently the camera that “fills the niche” (thanks wikipedia) between a little snapper, a point and shoot (not to be confused with a whippersnapper, aka a small child, aka ankle biter) and a proper camera (DSLR) used by serious photographers.

Fishing Boats and cross from the Chapel


So today I took it to a tiny fishing harbour 10 minutes from my house, and had a play around taking photographs, which I thought I would share with you. This harbour has a special place in my heart, I take all our visitors here, just to say “Look at this beautiful place, how lucky am I to live near here!”, and if we ever move away from Cyprus I wanted to have some lasting photographs. Oh and the fact that one of the the best fish and chip shops in Cyprus (#Lambros) is nearby, is just happy co-incidence of course.

Whatever you are doing today, remember to smile.

Love from Nelly x

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