#16 Spring on the Hill

Today I wanted to share some snaps that I took today on my morning walk up the hill in our village. The signs of Spring are peeking out everywhere now in Cyprus, with wildflowers popping up here, there and everywhere. This of course means that operation beach body has begun, as it does every year  with varying degrees of success! So off R and I went this morning, running up that hill … like a young Kate Bush …well without the running bit, but with the frizzy hair and the hill, and in the words of Meatloaf “two out of three ain’t bad”!  It was a little hazy so no sea views today – hope you enjoy the photos.

Dec 2016 -Feb 2017 132

The view inland from our Hill with farm buildings in the background

Dec 2016 -Feb 2017 143

Wild poppies – first sign of Spring on the hill

Dec 2016 -Feb 2017 142

Little purple flowers fighting through the scrub

Dec 2016 -Feb 2017 133

Wildflowers or weeds? I am not sure but the riot of yellow brightens up our morning strolls.

Dec 2016 -Feb 2017 144

Love seeing the poppies in the wild.

Dec 2016 -Feb 2017 134

Yes that is a boat in the middle of a field!

Dec 2016 -Feb 2017 135

Delicate pink flower

Dec 2016 -Feb 2017 147

First praying mantis of 2017 – this one was by my pool, spotted him after our walk.

Short and sweet today, but I will just share with you that temperatures reached around 23/24 degrees which is pretty good for 8th March!

Love from Nelly x

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