#9 Lazy Day after the Night Before

Last night we had a fab evening out to say goodbye to our dear friends G&B, who are leaving Cyprus to embark on a new and exciting adventure to in Kenya with their spirited feisty 3 year old (soon to be 4!), whom I shall miss hugely.  There were quite a large group of us and in true Cypriot style we headed out to one of the village tavernas for Meze and jugs of house wine, lots of chatter and laughter, and catching up with our friends C&J who came more or less directly from the airport as they have been in the UK for Christmas, to join us.

We had the “Mini Meze” but there was nothing mini about it, I won’t go into too much detail as I think Meze deserves it’s very own Blog Post.  But for those who have never sampled it, it’s basically lots of small dishes including village salad with feta, olives, bread (home-made and garlic), LOTS of dips, halloumi, village sausage, soup, macaronia, spinach & eggs …. I could go on.  And then just when you know you CANNOT possibly eat any more, they bring out the big guns – souvlaki (pork) and chicken kebab, followed by a delicious gooey, sticky honey and filo pastry  dessert.


Typical Cypriot Meze Starters

After the meal we headed off to the bar next door where much merriment, more drinking, a lot of laughing, and even some pretty terrible dancing, much to the amusement of some of the other young Cypriot customers who were far too cool to embarrass themselves thus in public, however being a Northern chick I am quite used to it!

And B my little Irish pocket rocket (she’s not very tall!) was in her element, but how she got G home at the end of the night (he was falling asleep in a red wine induced torpor), I shall never know, but “I’ve done it before plenty of times” she announced as we waved them merrily off.  Of course the sensible thing at that point would have been to head home ourselves, but I’m pretty sure I recall “one more for the road”.



I awoke this morning with Niffa missing from our bed, wondering where he was, then I remembered …. THAT very silly row about me eating M&M’s in bed at 2am with the light on to read my book, resulting in him stomping off to sleep in the spare room.  He said I was eating too loudly and he was annoyed for me that I had been whinging and wailing the day before about how I  am too fat for our forthcoming holiday (Drama queen moi?!), and was polishing off H’s chocolate after a night filled with food and alcohol. Oops.  However, when dieting, Saturday nights are barleys, and I only ever break my no chocolate rule when I’ve had one too many, or three too many as was the case last night.

In my defence I blame Yianni, uber friendly owner of the COOLEST bar in the village, who in his wisdom, decided that I clearly wasn’t tipsy enough and I needed not one, not two, but three, YES three complimentary parting shots of alcohol, thus tipping me over the edge from happily tipsy to pretty drunk! Of course I could have said no but that would have been rude wouldn’t it?!


Mmm lovely shots … compliments of the Bar Owner

So today has been not at all productive but it has been very relaxing (once the headache faded) and quite fun.  H and I spent the ENTIRE day in our PJs, only taking them off to shower and put them back on.

We watched a movie together (17 Again, very funny), played a couple of games and read the Christmas Beano and Dandy annuals together – that was quite an education! There are so many more characters than when I was young and used to read them, but my favourite character is still Desperate Dan, I always wanted to eat Cow Pie!


Hunky Desperate Dan and Cow Pie … what more can a girl need?!

J & C popped in for coffee and to make plans about our forthcoming holiday with them, they were surprisingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed considering our night out, certainly more so than me! We spent a happy couple of hours chatting about THE TRIP, discussing our holiday wardrobe (J and I), watching the football (C & Niffa), and catching up on their nearly 4 weeks away.

So THE TRIP is only 6 days away and I still have half a stone to lose by Saturday (plus the 2 I probably put on last night) aaargh! So my lunch today was a cup-a-soup, and dinner was a huge salad with cottage cheese. No breakfast as I am ashamed to admit that I stayed in bed until lunchtime, but I did cook a tasty dinner for the boys of spicy chilli sausage pasta with vegetables. I can be very resourceful when there is little food in the house and I don’t want to go shopping, and thanks to the stash of emergency frozen vegetables I always have in, it even turned out relatively healthy. Boys were happy, brownie points earned, yay go me!

In case you are wondering about THE TRIP which by the way deserves every one of those capital letters,  because it is an EPIC TRIP for me (as I have never been to the Far East), we start in Hong Kong, and end in Singapore with 17 days and nights in between. I will be blogging about our adventures, so watch this space …


Hong Kong by Night

I  hope that you had a great weekend too, H is back to school tomorrow, so it’s an early night for me as school here starts at the ungodly hour of 7.30am!

Goodnight, love from Nelly x


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