#8 2016 Revisited – February

February 2016 was surprisingly mild with lots of Sunny Days, although our house is so cold inside even when the sun is shining outside, if you sit still too long icicles will form on your nose! Cypriot building standards being somewhat lax compared to the UK, most houses have no insulation or damp-proofing, and  windows tend to be poorly fitted, keeping the heat out and the cold in.  Having tiled floors and central heating that costs the same as a small country to finance does not help matters.

However we were warmed up by one of the most exciting events in February which was the arrival of Hot Tub Number One – our trial version for the new company Hot Tub Party Cyprus which of course needed a test run, to check comfort, efficiency, ease of erection … and of course the standard bragging photo for the folks back home …


Morning coffee in the tub, by the pool, don’t mind if I do !

February was also Niffa’s 48th Birthday, celebrated as always with a mini Staycation, this time to the village of Lofou with H and our very good friends C and J, to a traditional stone cottage with real fire.  So we loaded up the car with all manner of clothing as we were hoping for snow, dreaming of sunshine, and expecting rain, we were tempted to take the Hot Tub with us but the kitchen sink left little room for such frivolities.

On arrival at the cottage we were warmly welcomed by the owner who explained that the property had been in her family for generations, and had recently been restored.  After giving us a potted history of the house, and some useful information about the village itself, she left us to enjoy our weekend with a cheery wave and a huge home-made carrot cake, bliss.

The weekend was spent exploring the village and surrounding areas, we were lucky enough to have both sunshine and snow, we ate some amazing food, had a few beers and maybe a glass of wine or two (one day I WILL make a blog entry that doesn’t mention wine!, perhaps at the end of dry January 2017!), and met some real characters in the local cafenio.

I thought it easiest to remember this trip in photos, as I took quite a few, so here goes, hope you enjoy them.

Love from Nelly x


H posing by the front door in the quaint cobbled courtyard of our home for the next 2 nights


BBQ Area in the courtyard


Sitting Room with real fire and a double bed, sofa to bed in 3 seconds flat, my idea of heaven! Unfortunately for me H claimed this bed upon arrival.


J & C’s bed was pretty special too.


Cute spiral staircase. Boy was I glad that I did not have to navigate that after a few glasses of the local vino!


Home-Made carrot cake, yummy.


A few cheeky beers in the local cafenio, just to put some money into local tourism of course.


This lady made us so welcome to her tiny taverna, she even lit the stove for us.


Fireplace already installed, Wood supplied by Niffa , stylish Bag for carrying wood by Jumbo, seeing my favourite boys spending quality man-time together – Priceless.


Snow and shirt sleeves, Mr C was not complaining! Of course the non-reptiles of the group still wore light jackets but even so, the weather was fabulous for February.


Fun on the slopes, a disappointing lack of snow but we were very happy to have the sunshine, and a few days away together.


Our little group of intrepid village explorers, minus the photographer (me), but featuring the lesser spotted smiling Niffa, a rare occurrence indeed!


Kakopetria Waterfall


H exploring the decidedly rickety spiral staircase in Kakopetria


A Weekend away has to have a cheeseboard and nibbles …


And a game of Trivial Pursuit – I think this was the boy’s losing pie … Ah well better luck next time


With higher than average temperatures for February we were truly blessed by Apollo the sun god


Stunning almond tree in early blossom with our trusty chariot for the weekend parked below.

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