#7 2016 Revisited- JANUARY

Apologies for my absence over the last 10 days, I have been consumed by Christmas, but am now trying to get back to reality, having visited the Land of Christmas (like a character from the Magic Faraway Tree), which has been filled with love, laughter, friends and turkey.  In true tradition H was thoroughly spoiled, especially by his Nanna who spent this Christmas with us – in fact she thoroughly spoiled us all.  One of his favourite presents was the reindeer sunglasses he found in his stocking, although with the unusually wet December we are having this year, he may not get much chance to wear them!


H the Reindeer

So last night, feeling quite porky after all the festive food and drink I was obliged to consume over the last week or so (purely to be sociable you understand!), I lay in bed thinking …. Oh My Blog … I have abandoned you at a time when I have sooo much to write about, and in theory, the leisure time to write about it.  So this morning I awoke full of enthusiasm, I will NOT let this blog go the way of Gym memberships of New Year’s past, nor the 30 Day Shred that lasted only 10 days, or indeed the dry January that lasted only 5 days – you get the idea …  Therefore my mission over the next couple of weeks is to revisit 2016 month by month, and share with you some of our adventures from the past year.

I am now the very proud owner of a new Nikon bridge camera (I love you Santa Smith), with which to take excellent photographs to share with you gorgeous people on my Blog.  However I’m not sure it’s acceptable in Cyprus to wander along the beach in my Onesie (is that how you spell it?) with a glass of wine in one hand, camera in the other, and a handful of chocolates in my pocket, with H in pursuit shouting “come back Mummy, please play another level of Minecraft with me”.  In fact I have become so proficient at Minecraft over the last few days it is quite scary!  So that’s my way of telling you that my lovely new camera has spent most of it’s short new life with me, looking very pretty under the tree.

Anyhow, I digress, so with due diligence I thought I would attempt to recall the main events of 2016 in our life, so here goes  with #JANUARY 2016


January in Cyprus 2016

JANUARY was a very important month, the one in which I decided that no matter how happy and fulfilled my boys are here in Cyprus, and no matter how much I adore the laid back lifestyle, I had to start re-engaging my brain which had been pleasantly going soft and mushy under the sunny Cyprus skies, through underuse.  They say that “necessity is the mother of invention” and after leaving a very successful career in the UK, I now needed a focus, something to challenge, stimulate (my brain!) and motivate me.  Working a variety of jobs in Cyprus and being underpaid, undervalued and overworked was really not doing it for me any more.  The time had come to stop dolly-day-dreaming, as my dad used to say, and make some changes.

So after days of racking my brains, hours of surfing the net, and chatting with Niffa, I came up with the idea of our first new business of 2016.  I wanted to try something that was completely new to Cyprus, and so, after seeing an offer on Groupon for inflatable hot tubs to hire in the UK, but nothing similar in Cyprus, the concept of HOT TUB PARTY CYPRUS  was born.  The rest of January was spent putting together a business plan, sourcing a Hot Tub to try out for ourselves, and finding a website designer, as well as working, looking after my boys, and doing the inevitable New Years Diet.

Despite the fledgling business idea keeping me busy, I still had the January blues (with shades of purple and grey, but not 50 of them!), which I seem to get every year after the excitement of Christmas and the New Year.  So I did what I do best when feeling a bit bleughh, I booked us a holiday … In fact I booked 2!  The first was a proper summer holiday, which we have not really had since moving to Cyprus, apart from breaks on the island and visits to the UK.  Niffa jointly owns an apartment in BALCHIK, BULGARIA with two friends, which we had not visited for 3 years.  I decided that we really needed a trip back there, so after finding bargain basement ticket prices with the illustrious WIZZAIR it seemed positively rude NOT to book.  I chose to ignore the fact that the flights were to Sophia – a mere 6 hour drive from our apartment on the Black Sea Coast, reasoning that Niffa likes to drive, and we have never REALLY explored the countryside or towns of Bulgaria, as we usually fly to Varna, just a modest 40 minute taxi ride away. I love adventures, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles is one of my all time favourite movies.


Balchik, Bulgaria

The second holiday was a mini break really, for Niffa’s birthday in a February  with H and friends, to a beautiful Cypriot cottage in the traditional village of  LOFOU, north of Limassol.  Our February break has been a tradition for several years now, to celebrate Ian’s birthday with a mini staycation.  Never having been to this village, I was charmed by the image of the traditional stone houses, local tavernas, and cobbled streets, perfectly topped off with a roaring log fire available in the cottage that I booked.

The rest of January passed peacefully with very pleasant weather, H went back to school, and we spent many weekends going for walks in the local area, and discovered GEOCACHING – Google it if you have never heard of it, it’s a great way to add fun to a walk for children and adults alike.  I have attached photos below of a few of our walks, please forgive the quality as many were taken with my phone so they are not the greatest.  However when I have my new super duper camera up and running I expect the quality of images that I share to improve by David Baileyesque proportions, given a little practice of course.

Love from Nelly x


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