#6 Five Things You May Not Know About Cyprus

ONE – FLAMINGOS … are everywhere! Every Winter between 2 and 12,000 pretty in pink Flamingos flock to the Salt Lakes of Cyprus (one of which is just a 2 minute drive from my home) to feed off the delicious brine shrimp, filling the lakes with a blaze of colour.   They are a truly majestic sight and although I have lived here over 2 years I still glance at the lake every time I drive past, to look at these fascinating creatures.


TWO – WE HAVE 24 HOUR BAKERIES – Who evenknew such a thing existed? Well they do, in fact Zorbas Bakery in my village (and all over Cyprus) are open 24 hours a day, great when you need a late night cake or snack, not so great for my growing waistline!  And the cakes and puddings they make are FANTASTIC!  Ever heard of the Cyprus Stone? Apparently it is the additional weight most ex-pats put on when they move here, mine was obtained by many late night bakery trips – just because I could!


THREE – SIMILARITIES TO THE UK – Do you know that in Cyprus they drive on the correct right side of the road, they also use the same 3 pin plugs as the UK, and all Cypriots are taught English at school from a very young age, so most Cypriots speak and write fluent English.  If you are a Brit visiting Cyprus for a holiday or planning to  move here then these small things might help you feel at home more quickly. And most of the above is probably due to the fact that …

FOUR – CYPRUS USED TO BE PART OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE – From 1878 until 1960 when Cyprus became an independent nation.  However that did not stop other countries fighting over Cyprus, and it became a divided nation when the Turks invaded in 1974, and the North of Cyprus has been illegally occupied by Turkey ever since.  The British still retain land for military bases in Cyprus due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, but many Cypriots resent this and feel that the UK should hand it back.  If history is your thing, Cyprus has a fascinating one …Wikipedia is a good place to start your research


FIVE – YOU CAN SKI AND SUNBATHE ON THE SAME DAY – Not all the time, but often there is snow on the Troodos mountains between November and February, whilst the nearest coast Limassol may be basking in glorious winter sun, you just have to time it right.   It takes less than an hour to drive from Troodos Square to Limassol Coast, snow to sunshine in around 45 minutes – how fabulous is that?!


Troodos in the Snow

Until next time … Love from Nelly x

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