#2 Friday Morning Quickie

No it’s not what you think ! Wash your mouth out young lady / man …

This has to be a very quick entry (hence the title) as I have several projects on the go, and have a huge amount to complete by tomorrow.  As I type I have a mason jar full of vodka to my right and a pile of caramel toffees to my left, and as much as I would like to consume both right now, I have a lot to do and it is only 11am.

I wanted to share with you what I have been up to for the last few days which has mainly been preparing for our Village Christmas Market which is on tonight and tomorrow.  Luckily I have a stall for just one night which is tomorrow, so this evening I have chance to meet up with friends, watch the village lights be switched on, visit all the stalls and see the carol singers.  I am most excited about this, as the two previous years that I attended, the market has only been on for one night, and having a stall meant that I was not able to check out everyone else’s lovely hand-made goodies.

Last year I shared a stall with my  British-Cypriot friend, the lovely Helen mou. I sold wooden crafts & signs, she sold beautiful hand-made jewellery and candles, and we had a very successful evening.  We spent most of our profits in the pub (well maybe that was just me?!) but we had a fab evening with lots of laughter.  This year I am sharing a stall with my South African-Cypriot friend whom I shall call Lady K, as that is the name of her new Catering & Cake company, I just know it will be fun as she is quite crackers, in a good way of course.

So as I type this, I am also intermittently cutting toffees in half (to increase the surface area apparently which makes the magic happen quicker as I should have started this days ago) and popping them in the jar of vodka.  And yes, for every few toffees that make it in there, one or two may have inadvertently jumped into my  mouth all by themselves! (sorry to my Slimming World leader).

So I have to dash as I still have to complete the following:-

  • Make Toffee Vodka & strain / decant / decorate
  • Finish Apple Pie Vodka & strain / decant / decorate
  • Make Seasonal Biscotti
  • Decorate the jars of Chutney that I have made
  • Decant my Home-Made Limoncello & decorate bottles
  • Wrap Christmas Puddings
  • Not drink or eat anything that is for sale

I like how this post makes me sound like a Domestic Goddess when the reality is I am  more like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland who runs around shouting “I’m Late!”.  And The only reason I make stuff is because it always seems like a fun idea at the time, and my friends and I love alcohol, biscuits (with or without cheese), chutney, and cake!

Have a great day, Nelly x


Just a few of the preparations so far … a long way to go yet

2 thoughts on “#2 Friday Morning Quickie

  1. Emsyjo says:

    Sounds like my kind of domestic goddess plans, I love a baking session leading up to Christmas, accompanied with my Christmas music playlist and many glasses of wine!


    • I love it, not so much the chaos I cause in the kitchen which has only just be rectified 4 days later! But it was very satisfying when I sold almost all my wares at the market, and the leftovers will be given to friends or added to our Christmas goodie cupboard 🙂


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