#1 Hello World

Well I finally did it – I wrote my first Blog Post, and after several amendments (making it shorter … then longer … then shorter again), and battling with the grammar ninja that lives inside my head (don’t ask), here goes …

I moved to Cyprus in August 2014 with my partner and (then 9 year old) son, and have been meaning to start a blog, after being inspired by those written by other expats before we made the move.  It has only taken 2 and a half years, but life got in the way … in a good way.  I am now more busy than ever juggling my little family of 3, 2 businesses, and a partridge in a pear tree …but I decided this morning that it was now or never.

So what better subject for my first post than to say “Hello World” and tell you my reasons for entering the scary world of blogging (and trust me I am scared!) – What if nobody likes what I write? What if nobody even reads it? What if people laugh at me? What if people think I am writing self-indulgent twaddle?  But then I decided, what the heck, it is good to be scared/brave now & again, so here goes with my personal Reasons to Blog:-

  • Family & Friends – I wanted a new way to keep in touch with those in the UK and other parts of the world, and tell them what we are up to here in Cyprus, in words and pictures.
  • Memories – Life since we moved to Cyprus in August 2014 has been a roller coaster of a journey, and I want to record as many memories as I can.  The good, the mad & the sad, the hilarious, and the precious moments that make up our everyday life.
  • Photos – See above
  • Writing – From childhood dreams of being a journalist (never fulfilled) to just wanting to write, to record those thoughts, ideas and words that whizz around inside my head. They may interest you, or you might think I am bonkers, but I hope to share snippets on a regular basis, mainly to do with our new life in Cyprus, Family, Food and Local Colour.
  • Cooking – I love to feed people, and plan to share lots of lovely recipes with you all, and will be sharing other people’s recipes as well as my own.  My food of choice is tasty, often comfort type food, on a budget but healthy.  I am no Gordon Ramsey but I feel very at home pottering around my kitchen, usually with a glass of wine in one hand.
  • Handmade Stuff – I hope to inspire my readers to have a go at handmade, whether it is to decorate your house, make gifts, or just a fun way to pass an afternoon.  I miss the days when my son was younger and we would spend hours with playdough, or making wooden spoon people together to take on a trip to the park.  So now Pinterest is my new best friend for crafty ideas, and occasionally I even manage to persuade my boy to join in.
  • Travel -My passion for visiting new places began at the age of 14 when I first set foot on foreign shores: the heat that hit me as I stepped off the plane, the smell of Summer that assaulted my senses, and the wonder of a whole new world, just blew me away.  Previous holidays had been limited to fun family time in B&B’s in Blackpool and one less fun soggy week in Skegness, but now I was hooked on Sun, Sea & Sand (Sangria & Sex had to wait until I was older!).  I plan to share travel adventures from around the world, and of course my newly adopted country of Cyprus.

So there are my reasons, and a kind of plan as to what will follow, please feel free to join me on the journey.  All constructive advice or suggestions are welcome from fellow bloggers / mums / dads / expats / expats to be / people who love wine family, travel & food.

Speak soon, Nelly x

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