Hello and welcome to my Blog, I do hope you will have a cup of tea or glass of wine, stay awhile and have a browse through my posts, photos, travel tales and more.

This is the story of Nelly in Cyprus, but what does that mean? Well I am Nelly, a 40 something woman who still feels like a twenty something, in mind if not in body. I live in Cyprus with my partner and my 13 year old son H.

I am known as Nelly due to the nickname kindly given to me by my man (he who shall not be named) whom I shall refer to only as Niffa.  He actually christened me Nutty Nelly very quickly after we met almost 10 years ago, I think due to my giddiness, over excitability, clumsiness, and habit of getting myself into sticky situations.

To see what this Blog has in store, please take a read of my first post, and bear with me whilst I populate the site with text, photos and links to some of my favourite things.

I am very aware that I still have lots of work to complete on the design to make it more visually appealing, and to categorise posts so that you can easily navigate to the areas that interest you the most. However I am a virgin Blogger with no experience of design technology BUT I love to write, and I hope that you LOVE to read, and perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle, and even become friends along the way.

Love from Nelly x

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